Long before “Risk Management” became an industry of its own, our family already created an awareness of Risk which we shared with our Clients, as early as the 1940’s. One could say that ethics and integrity is in our DNA. Fast forward to today – every business, from the multi-national conglomerate across the spectrum to the corner café, faces risks.

The decades have taught us, hands on, that Risk Management is not about eliminating all risks. In reality, It is all about minimizing the potential negative consequence of risks. TGA expertise brings to the table the do’s and dont’s for minimizing risk and improving performance to increase bottom line revenues.

TGA’s team uses decades of in-field experience to map out potential risks and the weakest links in the area of focus and then works with the Client to ideally prevent the risks or, alternatively, how best to manage them.

Our in-country, boots-on-the-ground services and support includes, but is not limited to:
~ Deep-Dive Holistic Investigations & Assessments
~ Searches and examinations related to:
~~~~ Commercial
~~~~ Industrial
~~~~ Mining ~ Energy ~ Natural Resources
~~~~ Environmental
~~~~ And so forth
~ Due Diligence
~ KYC Services
~ Legal / In-field Litigation / Funding support cases
~ Asset tracing
~ Witness location
~ Supply Chain Audits & Mapping

For the removal of doubt, the above services are not desktop investigations in any way or form. TGA expertise in our regions of operations will be Human Intelligence, field-based investigative operations delivering results in an orderly, professional manner, always following our Clients’ Scope of Work, with all supporting requirements adhered to.