Trade Group Africa (TGA) evolved during the 1980’s out of an old established family business that spanned over the previous four decades. The wealth of experience that we have gathered over the decades of work in International Business, Trading and Management Consultancy, Property Development and a host of relationship-based global ventures for a wide variety of diverse companies, has resulted in a unique synthesis of commerce, business, technology, marketing and people skills, which are continuously being utilized to help support and develop a number of successful businesses around the world.

We provide an integrated and holistic approach to commercial, marketing and sales enterprises, ultimately assisting in achieving long term business goals, in the most profitable and cost effective manner. We make available a range of solutions to meet the business requirements of our clients.

TGA provides “similar” services to numerous other consulting companies in different countries around the world; however TGA offers a secret “ingredient” that has successfully proven itself over and over again during the past decades of business. We can go on giving the shpiel about how our clients benefit from our services and expertise, but we all read the same shpiel in most websites on a daily basis. Just look at some of the business consultancy websites today – they are truly impressive!! So, why choose TGA?
The answer is really only two words: Experience and Integrity.
All consultants offer varied business services – but how many have these 2 secret “ingredients”? When you do business with TGA, you will enjoy these secret “ingredients” that have allowed TGA to grow and indeed, our Clients as well, over the past four decades.

After all – Nothing Succeeds like Success !!